Tortilla Towers

Tortilla Towers stand tall as far as its flavors are concerned. It is easy to make and is nutritious at the same time. The whole grain food fits the good-for-us category and is healthy since it does not require to be deep fried and is not drowned in cream. Tortilla Towers is a stack of tortilla with layers of meat, some cheddar, onion and topped with tomato sauce.

The fun in making this dish is that it can be customized according to your taste. Chicken is the only one necessary ingredient for this recipe. The mandatory spices as per the recipe include chipotle peppers and salt. Once they are added to the chicken mixture, the dish is ready for customization. Tortilla Towers can be made in different flavors from mild smoky to hot and peppery. It is one of the top rated chicken dishes and can be readily made if you only have pepper among your spices. In order to make it hot, you can also add red and green chilies to it. When the dish is cooked, the flavor can be enjoyed by adding different toppings to the food. You can add different sauces to it. Squeeze it in a bread or have it with a fork, the taste of Tortilla Towers is different yet delightful either way.

When it comes to choosing from the options of making a certain dish, the decision is always hard to make. In this case, any recipe is shortlisted on the health factor and on the basis of its ease in making. Tortilla Towers ranks on top for both these factors. It is not only loved by children but also the adults. The younger ones are always looking for variety in food. Well, this is one dish that can be made differently every time with its variety in flavors and a list of add on ingredients. It even serves well to the vegetarians. If you are fond of vegetables, you can customize it by adding them in the final dressing of the dish. You might have had a number of chicken dishes, but this is a must try!