Parents have many concerns about their growing children and they often worry about their diet and food schedule. Often your parents must have forced you to eat food that’s high in nutrients but doesn’t taste good or liked by you. It’s been observed that although kids enjoy eating out but there are times when they crave for homemade food. If you are a homemade food lover and want to have different food each day, then begin to learn hassle-free recipes and ways to cook delicious and tummy-filling food.

So, you are growing up and it is the perfect time to experiment and cook up something fun and yummy with your friends. With easy recipes and tips, you can learn to make delicious and healthy food at home. Make your free time a fun-time! Learn easy snack recipes and surprise your mom and friends with flavorsome snacks and drinks. Summer time brings ultimate fun and exciting outdoor activities. Beat the heat with a glass of chilled strawberry shake and treat your friends without worrying your mom. Strawberries are charged with vitamins and have multiple health benefits. Here’s a simple 3-step recipe to make delicious strawberry shake:

  1. Take fresh strawberries, milk, sugar (as per your choice) and ice (as per your liking) and put these ingredients into a blender/shaker.

  2. Blend these ingredients well until they mix together to form a smooth milkshake.

  3. Pour this shake into your favorite mug and enjoy this healthy drink.

Tip: To make your shake extra creamy and frothy, add rich vanilla or strawberry ice cream and double the pleasure!
Wait no further and try this simple recipe at home. Learn to make different, easy and yummy snacks and drinks. Don’t hesitate to experiment, because this is the age of learning and fun!

If you are looking for a simple, healthy snack, here’s your answer: chocolate covered fruits. Bananas, strawberries, mangoes, grapes or pineapples, all chopped into bite size pieces and dipped in warm dark chocolate make for a delicious and easy dessert.