For Parents

Zip4Tweens is designed to help kids and their families find a balanced approach to a healthier lifestyle. A key part of this approach is the new "MyPyramid" guidelines. The idea behind the guidelines is that they can fit each person's lifestyle. Just like every family member has different needs, our ideal diets may be different as well.

MyPyramid helps us find a balance. Parents are the number one role models when it comes to their kids's diets. If parents make smart choices, eat a variety of foods, and exercise regularly, their kids are more likely to do the same.

And that's why we're here! We've got a couple great resources to get you going.

  • Check out the Zip4Tweens Calculation Station to help determine your own personal diet needs. Try it out for every member of your family!

  • Play Appetite Attack!, a fun way for kids to practice eating a daily healthful diet. (Of course, adults can play, too... Play all of our games here.

  • Head over to to get more information and tips for improving your family's health.

Find your balance, get active, and keep on Zippin' along!