Keep that ZIP

Nutrients in some of your favorite foods actually help your brain grow and develop. So, get your ZIP every day!

Zinc helps you think and improves things like memory and paying attention. At the same time it’s helping to increase your brain power, zinc helps heal your injuries and strengthens your body to fight colds. Turn to lean beef, dairy foods, poultry, whole grains and nuts to get the zinc you need.

Iron helps your brain by supplying oxygen. People with less iron in their diet score lower on problem-solving tests. You also need iron to fuel everyday physical activity.  Without enough iron in your diet, it’s hard to perform your best on the field and in the classroom.  Some of the best foods with iron are enriched breads and cereals, lean beef and turkey, and beans.

Protein is a source of energy for your body. Protein builds and repairs all your body’s tissue, and keeps your muscles strong. Protein is found mostly in foods from the meat, beans group and the dairy group.