A calculator is an incredible machine that performs basic arithmetic functions to solve complex mathematical problems. It’s a time saving tool that gives quick and accurate results to different problems within seconds, which otherwise could take hours to solve. Today, calculators are commonly used in schools and colleges at almost all levels. They come in different sizes, shapes and colors with amazing added features like graph displays or mini printers. There are four types of calculators.

  • Basic Calculator: A basic calculator is one that performs primary functions of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They are ideal for elementary school level or for general household use. They come in different cool colors and designs and are usually long lasting.

  • Scientific Calculator: A scientific calculator is used to solve more advanced and complex mathematical problems that cannot be solved on a basic calculator. They are perfect for the students of secondary level and onwards and quickly solve difficult numerical problems like equations, fractions and algorithms.

  • Graphic Calculator: It’s a special type of calculator that solves mathematical problems as well as shows graphical presentation of numerical data. Bar charts, graphs and pie charts can easily be generated with these types of calculators. Their use is common from secondary to professional levels.

  • Financial Calculator: A financial calculator is another special type of calculator that is used to solve accounts and finance related problems. The use of financial calculators is common among finance or accounting students as well as in different financial institutions like banks.  

Calculator is a wonderful invention. You just press a few buttons, hit the right key and boom! Here’s the quick, accurate and reliable solution to your problem. Students can have basic calculators that come in exciting colors and styles. If you enjoy numbers and like to experiment, find out more about the calculators and their interesting features.

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