What's Zip

Chances are, you've got your own thing.

Everybody's got something that gives them that "zip" in their step.

Whatever your thing is, you're the only one who knows what it means to you. It could be sports, music, writing, video games, school work, cooking... it's something that makes you unique.

One way to keep on doin' your thing is to get enough Zinc, Iron, and Protein and other nutrients to help you stay healthy without losing a step.


About how many calories should a healthy kid eat each day?
  160 - 260
  1,600 - 2,600
  16,000 - 26,000
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Zip 4 Tweens is your portal to a number of exciting things that might thrill and help you with your everyday life. Everybody has got their “thing” and whatever it may be for you, Zip will offer it. Whether you are a gamer who loves to spend time playing different PC games, or a person who loves to experiment cooking, here you can find out different ways to keep busy during your holidays or even if you’re trying to balance your life.

Zip 4 Tweens has a dedicated page for parents. The page offers parenting advice for the people who have growing children in their homes. The website won the “Parents’ Choice Approved Award” in 2006 for counseling so many people through the information matter. The Calculation Station educates children about different calculators. For some it is a necessity and for others it is a hobby.

Zip 4 Tweens has different pages dedicated for these topics. The aim of the website is to know “your” thing and zip it the way you like. For young parents, especially those in their twenties, there is a lot to experiment with, to make full use of the decade, be sure to know what your thing is, and to follow your fantasies.